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Gow Media Publishing (“GMP”), launched in October 2015, is a recent addition to the Gow Media portfolio of companies. GMP is committed to creating original audio content to serve the growing market for audio books.
Gow Media, based in Houston, Tx. owns and operates Yahoo Sports Radio, the national sports radio network, and two Houston radio stations, ESPN 97.5 and YSR 1560. Also, Gow Media recently launched - a new digital platform that is emerging rapidly as a leading provider of podcast content.



Fred Faour is Executive Director of Gow Media Audio Publications, a dynamic venture designed to provide high-quality audio books in a variety of genres. Faour has over 30 years experience in print journalism, broadcasting, teaching and consulting in the media world. He is a former sports editor of the Houston Chronicle, web editor, college communications professor and lecturer. He has published works in both print and audio and has been involved in countless other media-related endeavors. He currently hosts the popular sports talk show The Blitz from 4-7 p.m. Central on ESPN 97.5 in Houston.
For more information on Gow Media Audio Publications, email Faour at


David Gow is the Chairman and CEO of Gow Media. Prior to founding Gow Media, David worked at, first as the CFO and ultimately as the CEO. His background also includes serving as the Director of Corporate Strategy at Compaq Computers, and as a consultant at McKinsey & Co. His education includes a BA in Economics from Williams College and a Masters degree from Harvard University.